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Bringing a touch of whimsy to any home, the Mushroom Lamp is a unique piece that blends functionality with a delightful design. In our roundup, we’ll explore the top Mushroom Lamps on the market, their features, and what sets them apart from the competition. Whether you’re a fan of quirky decor or simply looking for a new lighting solution, our Mushroom Lamp roundup is sure to have something that will brighten up your space.

The Top 13 Best Mushroom Lamps

  1. West Elm Mushroom Table Lamp for Kids — Brighten up your space with the playful Mushroom Table Lamp from West Elm, featuring a hand-formed ceramic body and base, along with an adjustable on/off switch and compatibility for various bulbs.
  2. Mushroom Lamp: Portable, Dimmable, USB Charging, Cordless Bedside Light for Home Decor — Brighten your bedroom with a touch of nature and modern elegance — the Mushroom Lamp offers adjustable brightness, energy savings, and a rechargeable battery for endless hours of eye-friendly, dimmable lighting.
  3. AZURAOKEY Mushroom Table Lamp: Modern, Dimmable, and Nordic Minimalist for Bedrooms — The Azuraokey Nordic-style mushroom table lamp adds a touch of Mid Century Danish charm to any room with its dimmable lighting, adjustable brightness, and unique mushroom design, making it a perfect gift for your interior decor.
  4. Stylish Mushroom Themed Stained Glass Table Lamp — This Bohemian Resin Mushroom Table Lamp, featuring a Stained Glass Plant Series Night Light, offers a unique and versatile addition to any living space, perfect for both relaxation and decoration purposes.
  5. Portable Mushroom Lamp with LED Light Bulb — A stylish and functional addition to your space, the Portable Mushroom Lamp from Room Essentials offers a warm glow and convenient portability with its coordinating base and LED light bulb.
  6. Stylish Mmoneyake Mushroom Table Lamp with Bohemian Accents — Illuminate your space with the unique and charming Mmoneyake Painting Mushroom Table Lamp, a perfect gift for animal lovers and an exquisite addition to any room.
  7. Whimsical Glass Mushroom Lamp Candle: Warm Cardamom & Lavender Ambered Topaz Scent — Indulge in the woody spice scent of the Cheena Woody Ambered Topaz Glass Mushroom Lamp Candle by Anthropologie as it creates a warm and enchanting atmosphere in your home.
  8. Vintage Mushroom Lamp Nightstand Table Lamp for Bedroom Dorm Living — Experience the charm of vintage Murano-inspired mushroom lamps with hand-blown glass, crystal pattern, and dimmable LED functionality for your dorm or bedroom living space.
  9. Sagnus Cute Mushroom Lamp — Illuminated Night Light in Red for Bedroom & Living Room — The Sagnus Cute Mushroom Lamp is a versatile and stylish table lamp, offering warm, natural, or cool lighting options, perfect for a cozy reading space or decorative element in any room.
  10. Urban Shop Blue Stripe Mushroom Lamp — Brighten your space with style: Urban Shop Blue Stripe Glass Mushroom Lamp offers quality lighting, stability, and easy bulb changing in a unique mushroom-shaped design.
  11. Glass Mushroom Table Lamp: A Unique Lighting Accent — Bring a touch of nature’s whimsy to your room with the beautifully crafted Glass Mushroom Table Lamp, illuminating your space with a warm, 70s vibe.
  12. Mushroom Kids’ Night Light — Pillowfort — Light up your child’s space with the adorable Mushroom Kids’ Night Light from Pillowfort, featuring a fun mushroom shape and a convenient 2-way light setting.
  13. Mushroom Table Lamp: Vintage Murano Glass Dorm Room Decor with Pink Light option — Bring a touch of vintage elegance to your living space with this hand-blown glass mushroom table lamp, perfect for small spaces or bigger tables in any setting.

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West Elm Mushroom Table Lamp for Kids

Introducing the charming Mushroom Table Lamp from West Elm, perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your decor. Handcrafted with care, this ceramic lamp features a multi-colored design that adds a playful pop to any space. Standing at an impressive 18.75 inches tall, this lamp boasts a 14.75-inch diameter, making it the ideal size for any table.

The Mushroom Table Lamp comes equipped with a durable PVC cord and a convenient plug-in design, ensuring easy installation and use. It accommodates one 4W LED bulb, with options to use a 13W CFL bulb or a 60W incandescent equivalent, all sold separately. The lamp also includes an on/off switch for your convenience.

Made in Vietnam, this unique piece adds a handcrafted touch to your home while still maintaining a modern aesthetic. With its versatile design and high-quality build, the Mushroom Table Lamp is sure to be a beloved addition to any living space.

Mushroom Lamp: Portable, Dimmable, USB Charging, Cordless Bedside Light for Home Decor

I recently added the Mushroom Lamp to my bedroom decor, and it’s been a game-changer. The sleek and modern design compliments my home’s art deco style, and the adjustable brightness feature is perfect for setting the right mood for a cozy read at night.

One of the things that stood out to me is the lamp’s energy-saving LED technology, which ensures a comfortable lighting experience without causing eye fatigue or headaches. Plus, I love how it emits no blue light or radiation, making it a safe option for my family and me.

What really sets this lamp apart, though, is its portability. The rechargeable battery and USB charging capabilities make it easy to take with me on trips or to move around the house as needed. And let’s not forget about the cute yet functional design — my kids absolutely adore this unique and whimsical light!

AZURAOKEY Mushroom Table Lamp: Modern, Dimmable, and Nordic Minimalist for Bedrooms


I recently stumbled upon the AzurAokey Modern Mushroom Table Lamp and it quickly became a staple in my living space. The understated yet stylish design adds a touch of Nordic minimalism to any room, while the mushroom shape provides a unique and practical touch to the lamp.

One of the most impressive features of this lamp is the touch button control, allowing me to switch between three different colors of light with ease, and even adjust the brightness with a long press. The cordless LED light source is both durable and energy-efficient, making it a great addition to any contemporary home.

However, I did notice that the actual color of the lamp may vary slightly from the pictures due to differences in lighting conditions. Overall, the AzurAokey Modern Mushroom Table Lamp is a versatile and stylish lamp that would make a perfect gift for any occasion.

Stylish Mushroom Themed Stained Glass Table Lamp

As a frequent user of the Painting Glass Mushroom Table Lamp, I can confidently say that this little gem is a perfect nighttime companion. The bohemian resin mushroom design adds a touch of whimsy to any room, and the stained glass plant series really brings the lamp to life. I appreciate how versatile this lamp is, with its compact size making it easy to move from room to room. And speaking of moving, its lightweight design makes transportation a breeze.

One of my favorite aspects of the Painting Glass Mushroom Table Lamp is its vibrant color scheme. The blend of colors is seamless, which is great when it comes to accenting your interior décor. Plus, when lit, the colors come alive, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The lamp itself is quite decorative, but it also provides functional light when needed.

As a nighttime lamp, it shines quite brightly — perfect for winding down after a long day. The stained glass illuminates the room in a pleasing fashion, and the touch switch makes using it all the more convenient. Overall, the Painting Glass Mushroom Table Lamp is a delightful addition to any home or office, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

Portable Mushroom Lamp with LED Light Bulb

I recently purchased a Portable Mushroom Lamp (Includes LED Light Bulb) from Room Essentials and I must say, it’s been a true light of joy in my life. This little mushroom-shaped lamp not only adds a whimsical touch to my living space but also provides just the right amount of warm illumination when I need it.

As someone who cherishes aesthetics, this adorable lamp truly deserves a spot in any home. It’s well-made with a sturdy base, ensuring it remains stable even on a wobbly surface. The versatile 3-setting dimmer allows me to control the brightness depending on the task at hand — perfect for reading, crafting, or simply unwinding in the evening.

What I particularly love about this lamp is its portability. With USB and battery power options, I can relocate it effortlessly to any area of the house — a handy feature that I often make use of. However, it does consume batteries quickly; hopefully, more eco-friendly options will be made available soon.

Overall, this Portable Mushroom Lamp provides functional yet charming light, making it a wonderful addition to any space. Despite its minor drawbacks, I highly recommend it for those seeking cute, efficient lighting solutions.

Stylish Mmoneyake Mushroom Table Lamp with Bohemian Accents

Introducing a mesmerizing addition to your living space — the Mmoneyake Painting Mushroom Table Lamp. This enchanting night light is perfect for both your home and gift-giving occasions. Its unique animal-shaped design with a vintage aesthetic makes it an ideal decoration for any room, especially bedrooms.

The warm glow emitted from this resin night lamp creates a cozy atmosphere, promoting a peaceful ambiance. Whether you’re reading or simply unwinding, the soft glow of the vintage animal night light is sure to bring a soothing touch to your home.

As a thoughtful gift, the Mmoneyake Painting Mushroom Table Lamp makes the perfect housewarming present or birthday surprise for animal lovers and fashion enthusiasts alike. Its versatile design caters to various decor themes and can easily blend into any room setting.

Experience the magic of the Mmoneyake Painting Mushroom Table Lamp and transform your living space into a captivating sanctuary. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring joy and cosiness to your loved ones with this exquisite night light.

Whimsical Glass Mushroom Lamp Candle: Warm Cardamom & Lavender Ambered Topaz Scent

I’ve been using the Cheena Woody Ambered Topaz Glass Mushroom Lamp Candle from Anthropologie in Brown for quite some time now, and it has managed to bring a unique touch of whimsy to my living space. Its delightful ambered topaz scent, with notes of warm cardamom, lavender, and cedarwood, creates a soothing ambiance that instantly lifts my mood.

However, there’s one thing I must mention: I’ve noticed that the glass can crack under the heat of the candle. It’s a minor issue that made me a bit wary, but I’m still using it cautiously. I wish the manufacturer would address this concern in the future.

Nevertheless, the overall aesthetic and scent of this candle make it a charming addition to any room. It’s a must-have for those who enjoy unique home decor and appreciate the finer things in life.

Vintage Mushroom Lamp Nightstand Table Lamp for Bedroom Dorm Living


I recently received the ONEWISH Mushroom Lamp as part of my nightstand setup, and I can’t help but be enchanted by this charming little lamp. Crafted with a vintage Murano style in mind, it exudes a soft, ethereal charm, drawing me in with its delicate beauty. The crystal pattern on the lamp is subtle yet refined, creating a lovely ambiance in the room.

The LED bulb included with the lamp emits a gentle glow, which can be easily adjusted from dim to bright using the touch switch. I appreciate its versatility, as it can be utilized not just as a nightstand lamp but also as a decorative addition to a bedroom or living room. Its compact size makes it a perfect fit for any space, and it blends seamlessly with my existing décor.

However, I do wish it were waterproof, as I live in a humid environment, and some condensation might affect its performance in the long run. Nevertheless, overall, I’m quite satisfied with this delightful little mushroom lamp, and it has become an essential part of my nighttime routine.

Sagnus Cute Mushroom Lamp — Illuminated Night Light in Red for Bedroom & Living Room


The Sagnus Mushroom Table Lamp adds a splash of whimsy to any room, bringing a touch of nature indoors. Featuring an elegant, delicate design inspired by a mushroom, this little gem is perfect for adding a cozy feeling to your living space.

Despite its cute size, the lamp is surprisingly sturdy, thanks to its solid metal base. The unique lampshade is made of PC (polycarbonate) materials, giving it a glass-like appearance and ensuring that it distributes light evenly.

One of the best features of this lamp is its adjustable lighting. Whether you need warm and inviting light to create a cozy atmosphere or brighter light for reading, this Mushroom Table Lamp offers three different color temperatures to suit your mood.

The lamp is convenient to use too. Simply press the mushroom-shaped button to turn it on or off. This lamp can double as a night light, providing a soft glow that’s gentle on the eyes, and as a decorative piece. It’s a versatile and charming addition to any room in your home, and it’s small enough to fit on your bedside table, desk, or even your kids’ room.

The only downside is the power source, as it requires a corded electric connection. However, considering the unique design and the lighting options it provides, this minor inconvenience is worth it. Overall, the Sagnus Mushroom Table Lamp is a wonderful blend of style and function that will surely delight you.

Urban Shop Blue Stripe Mushroom Lamp


As someone who’s been using this Urban Shop Blue Stripe Glass Mushroom Lamp in my daily life, I can confidently say that it is a remarkable addition to any space. The unique mushroom-shaped design is not just visually appealing, but it also serves a practical purpose, helping to illuminate your surroundings with a mesmerizing ambiance.

The 10 inch height and 7.5 inch width of the lamp are perfect for small spaces, but it also provides a powerful glow, thanks to the 5ft plug-in electrical cord which enables effortless use. The 15W light bulb (not included) creates a soft and warm atmosphere, and the lamp base is sturdy and stable, providing a perfect balance.

As far as negatives go, I noticed that a small gap exists between the cord and the switch, making it slightly cumbersome to access. However, it’s a minor inconvenience that doesn’t significantly impact the user experience.

Overall, the lamp effortlessly combines style, practicality, and quality, making it a perfect fit for all sorts of spaces. It’s the perfect blend of beauty and functionality, and I’d highly recommend it for anyone looking to enrich their home or office with a touch of elegance.

Glass Mushroom Table Lamp: A Unique Lighting Accent


I recently came across the Glass Mushroom Table Lamp, and I was intrigued by its unique design. As a fan of 70s aesthetics, I thought it would be a perfect addition to my study room. The lamp is made of marbleized glass, which gives it a realistic and eye-catching mushroom appearance. The light emitted by the inside of the bulbous design beautifully illuminates the multicoloured veining, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

One thing that I appreciated about this lamp was its expert craftsmanship. The glass itself was well made, and it gave the lamp a premium feel. Moreover, the on/off switch was conveniently located in-line, making it easy to use. The lamp also came with a 2-prong plug-in, making it a versatile option for various settings.

However, there were a few minor drawbacks to consider. Firstly, the lamp is damp UL-listed, which means it’s designed for use in damp locations. While this is a nice feature, it may limit its usability in certain areas of your home. Additionally, the bulb is not included, so you’ll need to purchase a 7W LED Type B Candelabra with an E12 base separately.

Overall, the Glass Mushroom Table Lamp is a charming and functional addition to any space. Its unique design and warm glow make it a standout piece, and I’ve enjoyed having it in my study room.

Mushroom Kids’ Night Light — Pillowfort

The Mushroom Kids’ Night Light from Pillowfort is a delightful addition to any child’s room, playroom, or bathroom. With a cute, whimsical mushroom shape in red, white, and brown, this night light adds a soft and comforting glow.

Featuring an integrated LED bulb, it comes with a two-way light setting, allowing for both high and low configurations for easy operation. The lightweight, battery-operated night light is designed with a non-removable integrated bulb and has a recommended age of 8 years and up. The product measures 4.99 inches in height, 4.5 inches in width, and 4.5 inches in depth, with dimensions that are easy to carry around.

The included 14500 Lithium Ion battery ensures long-lasting usage and is easy to recharge. Overall, this Mushroom Night Light is an attractive and well-crafted choice for any child’s space.

Mushroom Table Lamp: Vintage Murano Glass Dorm Room Decor with Pink Light option


Imagine coming home to a cozy, inviting space after a long day at work. These delicate mushroom lamps do just that, adding a touch of vintage charm to any room. Hand-blown from glass, these table lamps stand at just 18 centimeters tall and are the perfect addition to a bedside table or nightstand. The included LED bulb emits a soft, warm glow that’s perfect for reading, working, or simply unwinding in the evening.

The dimmer switch allows for easy customization of brightness levels, making these lamps suitable for various settings. Whether you’re in the mood for a soft glow or need a brighter light for reading, this mushroom lamp has got you covered. The soft pink shade adds a playful, feminine touch to any space, making it an ideal gift for friends or family members. Plus, the bulb is included, so you won’t have to worry about making a trip to the store.

Overall, these mushroom lamps are a charming addition to any room. Their vintage style and adjustable brightness make them a versatile and practical choice for indoor spaces. With their timeless design and practical features, these little lamps are sure to become a favorite in your home.

Buyer’s Guide

Are you searching for a unique addition to your home decor or perhaps captivated by the distinctive allure of mushroom lamps? Let this comprehensive buyer’s guide assist you in making a well-informed decision. We will delve into crucial features to consider, common pitfalls, and expert tips for acquiring your ideal mushroom lamp.


Vital Aspects to Consider

  1. Shape and Dimension: Mushroom lamps come in an extensive array of sizes and shapes, ranging from petite tabletop models to substantial floor lamps. Factor in the available space in your living area and the desired size for your mushroom lamp. Additionally, assess the shape of the design as it may vary from a genuine mushroom cap appearance to a more abstract or artistic rendition.

Material and Construction

  1. Material: Inspect the materials employed in the manufacturing of your mushroom lamp. A top-quality lamp will likely be crafted from robust materials such as glass, metal, or plastic. These materials not only guarantee endurance but also contribute to the lamp’s overall appearance and functionality.

Lighting and Intensity

  1. Lighting: Different mushroom lamps provide diverse types of illumination, including LED, halogen, or incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs are generally more energy-efficient, have a longer lifespan, and are a suitable choice for this type of lamp due to reduced heat generation. Take note of the lamp’s brightness, color temperature, and dimmability options if available.

Style and Aesthetic

  1. Style and Aesthetic: With a myriad of styles and designs to choose from, mushroom lamps cater to various tastes, from traditional to modern or even whimsical and playful. Contemplate the overall ambiance of your living space and select a mushroom lamp that harmonizes and enhances it. Some lamps may also possess integrated features, such as a timer or adjustable height, which can be advantageous depending on your requirements.


What is the origin of the Mushroom Lamp?

The Mushroom Lamp is a unique and creative lighting fixture that originated in Europe. Known for its distinctively shaped shades that resemble mushroom caps, these lamps have gained popularity for their quirky and eco-friendly design, making them a popular choice for those looking for an alternative to traditional lighting options.

Mushroom Lamps are often made from sustainable materials, such as bamboo or recycled paper pulp, which help reduce environmental impact. Their versatile design allows them to be used in various indoor settings, including living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and even restaurants, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.


How do Mushroom Lamps help to reduce carbon footprint?

Mushroom Lamps play a role in reducing your carbon footprint by utilizing sustainable materials in their construction. Bamboo, one of the most popular materials used in making Mushroom Lamps, is a fast-growing plant that requires minimal resources for cultivation. It helps maintain the balance of the ecosystem without causing damage to the environment.

Moreover, many Mushroom Lamp manufacturers have adopted eco-friendly production methods, reducing energy consumption and waste during the manufacturing process. This further contributes to a reduced carbon footprint and promotes the sustainable use of natural resources. By choosing Mushroom Lamps over traditional lighting fixtures, consumers can make a conscious decision to reduce their environmental impact.

Which colors are available for the shades of Mushroom Lamps?

Mushroom Lamps are available in a variety of colors to suit different design preferences and décor. The most common colors include natural wood tones, white, black, and various pastel shades such as baby blue, light green, and soft pink. Some manufacturers also offer custom color options, so it’s always a good idea to reach out to the brand of your choice to inquire about specific color availability.

Color choices not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of these lamps but can also help create a specific mood or atmosphere in your living space. Whether you prefer a minimalist, bohemian, or vintage look, there is a Mushroom Lamp available in a color that will fit your style perfectly. Don’t hesitate to explore different designs and colors to find the perfect fit for your home.


What are the benefits of using rechargeable batteries in Mushroom Lamps?

One of the key benefits of using rechargeable batteries in Mushroom Lamps is their cost-effectiveness. Rechargeable batteries eliminate the need for constant replacement, saving consumers money over time. This not only benefits the individual but also contributes to reducing overall battery waste and its impact on the environment.

Additionally, using rechargeable batteries helps reduce the carbon footprint associated with battery production and disposal. Unlike disposable batteries, rechargeable batteries can be used multiple times, making them a more sustainable and eco-friendly choice. With Mushroom Lamps that use rechargeable batteries, you can enjoy a unique, creative lighting fixture while contributing to a greener planet.

What is the average lifespan of a Mushroom Lamp?

The lifespan of a Mushroom Lamp depends on various factors, including the materials used in its construction, the care and maintenance provided, and the quality of the product. Generally, well-made Mushroom Lamps with high-quality components can last for years with proper care and maintenance. It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning and storage to ensure your lamp remains in good condition.

Mushroom Lamps made from sustainable materials, like bamboo, are known for their durability and ability to withstand years of wear and tear. However, it’s crucial to inspect the lamp for any signs of damage or wear and repair or replace it as needed to prolong its lifespan. With proper care and attention, a Mushroom Lamp can continue to provide warmth and comfort to your living space for an extended period.

How do I clean and maintain a Mushroom Lamp?

Cleaning and maintaining your Mushroom Lamp is a simple process that will keep it looking its best and extend its lifespan. Start by gently wiping the outer surface of the shade with a soft, damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust. For stubborn stains or marks, a mild, water-based cleaning solution can be used.

If your Mushroom Lamp has a removable shade, unscrew it carefully and clean both the interior and exterior of the lamp. Use a microfiber cloth to avoid scratching the interior surface. To reassemble the lamp, make sure the threaded parts are properly aligned and tightened to ensure a secure fit. Regularly inspect your Mushroom Lamp for any signs of wear or damage and repair or replace parts as needed to keep it in top condition.

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